How yoga helps kids with special needs – KPRC 2 News

CYPRESS, Texas – We Rock the Spectrum has five locations in our area. It’s a sensory gym that first started for children with autism. Now, it’s expanded to all kids and all abilities.

We Rock the Spectrum in Cypress finds its “story time yoga” class is benefiting kids’ development.

“It’s not really yoga that most of adults have seen before – it’s kid yoga!” said instructor Leslie Bates. “We move around the room like animals, or like cars, or whatever our book is about.”

They build focus, muscle memory and motor skills by imitating movements of animals or vehicles in their story book.

“The little guy that has braces on his feet wasn’t ready to stand on them and hold this whole body weight on it, but if [mom] is helping him and holding his trunk up and helping him move his, he was ready to move his feet,” Bates said. “So, he was ready to move a little bit but he wasn’t holding his whole body weight yet.”

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