Sensory Gyms Help Children With Special Needs Beneficially Develop – NBC 5

A sensory gym is benefiting the development of children with special needs.

“We Rock the Spectrum” started as sensory gym for children with autism. Now, it has expanded to all kids and all abilities.

The location in Cypress, Texas finds its “story time yoga” class is especially beneficial to kids.

“It’s not really yoga that most of adults have seen before, it’s kid yoga!” said instructor Leslie Bates. “We move around the room like animals, or like cars, or whatever our book is about.”

They build focus, muscle memory and motor skills by imitating movements of animals or vehicles in their story book.

These kinds of exercise are critical to kids with physical disabilities, just like the socializing and movement is beneficial for kids with behavioral needs.

“A lot of it is social development. So we’re talking about our bodies and stretching our bodies,” said Bates. “Your muscle movements and your memory in your muscles is really important at this age. So a lot of times we’re just asking the parents to work on exercises too and just play with it. Making it fun but playing something with exercises to make their muscle movement different so their muscle movement can be ready for that.”

We Rock the Spectrum has more than 60 locations across the United States with more to come. The company website says a location is coming soon to Frisco but the company could not confirm the opening date for the location near the Frisco Square.

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