Gym geared towards kids with Autism strives to include all – KPRC 2 News

CYPRESS, Texas – We Rock The Spectrum gym in Cypress was created as a safe play environment for children on the autism spectrum.

Robert Frandsen enjoys going to the indoor playground with his twin sons, Devlin and Ronin. Ronin, is on the autism spectrum and has improved tremendously since attending We Rock the Spectrum.

The gym is perfect for Frandsen and his sons, because of its inclusive nature, allowing all children both on and off the autism spectrum.Frandsen remembers when Ronin struggled to interact with his brother.

“Before he wouldn’t really play with him, he just kind of was a loner and now he’ll do activities both at home and here,” said Frandsen.

Much like Ronin, We Rock the Spectrum owner Lana Hornak has seen many kids show great improvement in the six months the gym has been open.

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